• Introduction to the Humanities: Citizenship and Governance
  • Freshman Seminar: The Two Cultures: Bridging the Gap
  • Sophomore College: Comparative American Urban Cultures, 1994-99, 2001
  • Comparative Literature 142. Literature of the Americas
  • Comparative Literature 105. Literature of the Americas
  • English 165C. Introduction to Literary Theory
  • English 126. Twentieth Century American Fiction
  • English 124A. Chicano Cultural Studies
  • English 124B. Contemporary Chicano Narrative
  • English 160E. Ethnic and Third World Literature
  • English 198N The Death of the Romantic Lyric (Peters Seminar)
  • CIV 4. Europe and the Americas
  • CIV 5. Europe and the Americas
  • Chicano Studies 110. Introduction to Chicano Life & Culture
  • OSPBER 43: Culture Clashes: Race, Ethnicity and Migration in Germany and the U.S. (Taught in Berlin)
  • OSPBER 46: Gardens of Earthly Delight: Berlin’s Culture of Landscape and Public Space (Taught in Berlin)


  • English/Comp Lit 309A. Novel of the Americas
  • English/Comp Lit 309. The Ethnic Bildungsroman and Historical Novel
  • English 309J. Colloquium on Chicano Cultural Studies
  • English 310A. Colloquium on the Novel of Modernity
  • English 359. American Transnational Poetics
  • English 363. Colloquium on Dialectical Aesthetics and Postcolonial Encounters
  • English 356. Colloquium on Transnational Poetics
  • English 363G. Colloquium on Transnational Modernisms
  • English 363D. Colloquium: The Theoretical Toolkit: Dialectics and Form
  • English 363G. Postrace Aesthetics
  • English 382. Race, Formalisms, and Narrative Theory
  • English 396. Introduction to Graduate Studies and Theory
  • MTL 334A: Concepts of Modernity (in Program in Modern Thought and Literature)

Ph.D. Candidates Supervised at Stanford University



  • Josefina Saldaña, Ph. D., Modern Thought & Language; Assoc. Prof. New York U
  • Carrie Tirado Bremen, Ph. D., Modern Thought & Language; Assoc. Prof. SUNY Buffalo
  • Eric Schocket, Ph. D., English; Assoc. Prof. late of Hampshire College
  • Manuel Martinez, Ph. D., English; Assoc. Prof. U of Indiana
  • Sameer Pandya, Ph. D., Modern Thought & Literature, Lecturer UC Santa Barbara



  • John Gonzalez, Ph. D., English; Assoc. Prof. U of Texas at Austin
  • Darieck Scott, Ph. D., Modern Thought & Literature; Assoc. Prof. UC Berkeley
  • Diana Paulin, Ph. D. English; Assoc. Prof. Trinity College
  • Lisa Lenker, Modern Thought & Literature
  • Alicia Maria Gámez, Ph. D., Modern Thought & Literature, Attorney at Law
  • Inez Salazar, Ph. D., English



  • Maria Eugenia Cotera, Ph. D., Modern Thought & Literature, Assoc. Prof. U of Michigan
  • Alicia Schmidt-Camacho, Ph, D. Modern Thought & Literature, Assoc. Prof. Yale U



  • Marcial Gonzalez, Ph. D., Modern Thought & Literature, Assoc. Prof. UC, Berkeley
  • David Cantrell, Ph. D., English, Instructor, University of San Diego
  • Rod Hernandez, Ph. D., English
  • Daniel T. Contreras, Ph. D., Modern Thought & Literature, Assoc. Prof. Fordham U
  • Yael Ben-Zvi, Ph.D, Modern Thought & Literature, Asst. Prof. U of Negev, Israel
  • Carlos Gallego, Ph. D., English, Asst. Prof., U of Arizona
  • Raul Coronado, Ph.D, Modern Thought & Literature, Assoc. Prof., U of Chicago
  • Magdalena Barrera, Ph.D, Modern Thought & Literature, Asst. Prof., San Jose State U



  • Allison Carruth, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Shimberlee Jirón King, Ph.D., English, Assistant Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Felicia Flor de Luna Martinez, Ph.D., English, Assistant Professor, St. John’s College
  • Rebecca Starks, Ph.D, English
  • Noam Cohen, Ph. D., English



  • Jolene Hubbs, Ph. D., American Studies, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama
  • Lee Konstantinou, Ph. D., English, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
  • Vida Mia Garcia, Ph.D., Modern Thought & Literature
  • Jayson T.G. Sae-Saue, Ph.D., Modern Thought & Literature, Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University



  • Elda Maria Roman, Ph. D., English, Asst. Prof., University of Southern California
    Angela Becerra Vidergar, Ph.D, Comparative Literature, Lecturer, Stanford University
    Mark Vega, Ph. D., English
    Jodie Archer, Ph.D., English, Research Scientist, Apple
    Long Le-Khac, Ph.D., English, Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

In Progress

  • Mackenzie Russel, Ph.D, Comparative Literature
  • Dalglish Chew, English
  • Rebecca Wilbanks, Modern Thought & Literature

Ph.D. Candidates Supervised at University of Texas at Austin

  • Shelli Booth Fowler, Ph. D., English, Assoc. Prof, Washington State U
  • Forrest Pyle, III, Ph. D., English, Assoc. Prof., Oregon U
  • Jennifer Sharpe, Ph. D., Comp. Lit., Assoc. Prof., UCLA
  • Mohammed Shukany, Ph. D., English, Professor U of Saudi Arabia
  • Louis Mendoza, Ph. D. English, Assoc. Prof. U of Texas, San Antonio
  • Suzanne Shumway, Ph. D., English
  • Carolyn Warmbold, Ph. D., English
  • Wendy McRedie, Ph. D., Comparative Literature
  • Helga Winkler, Ph. D., Spanish
  • Susan Comfort, Ph. D., English

M.A. Candidates Supervised

  • Eric Nelson, M.A., English
  • Jennifer Sharpe, M.A., Comp.Lit.
  • Forrest Pyle, III, M.A., English
  • Suzanne Chin, M.A., English
  • Jeanne McCarthy, M.A., English
  • Nancy Seabury, M.A., English
  • Paul J. Borelli, M.A., English
  • Susann Doenges, M.A., English
  • Scott Mitchell, M.A., English
  • Enrique Lopez, M.A., English

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