Arts Intensive, Bing Overseas Studies, Leland Scholars

Monday, 29th February 2016
Alex Tenorio, Director of The Stanford Fund, in conversation with Stanford faculty about three vital programs that benefit undergraduates. Featuring:
–Warren Chiang, Leland Scholars Program
–Ramón Saldívar, Bing Overseas Studies Program
–Gina Hernandez-Clarke, Arts Intensive

0:00 – Welcome
1:11 – Warren Chiang, Leland Scholars Program
4:38 – Ramon Saldivar, Bing Overseas Studies Program
6:42 – Gina Hernandez-Clarke, Arts Intensive
8:51 – How the Arts Intensive has evolved in the last 6 years
13:25 – How the Bing Overseas Studies has grown and changed
21:17 – Profiles of students who participate in Leland Scholars
27:07 – Impact of Leland Scholars on students
29:20 – Profiles of students who participated in Arts Intensive
34:08 – The Arts Intensive as part of a greater emphasis on the arts
37:37 – Overseas seminars and expanding BOSP
41:24 – Impact of overseas travel on students
42:53 – How alumni support has helped

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